Undergraduate Researchers

We are always open to new undergraduates working in our lab, and typically have about 5–10 undergraduates at any given time working alongside our PhD students. To get involved you will need to follow a progression of basic skill development, a starter project for course credit, then move into a paid position. This process is described in more detail here.

If you are interested in pursuing graduate work in our lab upper level mathematics and computer science courses beyond the normal ME curriculum will be particularly desirable. ME 412, ME 415, ME 515, and ME 575 are also directly relevant to our research topics, but it might be better to save the latter two for when you are a graduate student (4XX level or below courses won’t count towards your graduate degree).

Graduate Researchers

Your goal as a researcher is to make an impact for good in the world and improve the way we design wind and flight systems. The primary way to make an impact is through tackling challenging and important questions, performing high-quality insightful work, collaborating with industry and other researchers, and sharing findings broadly at conferences and in peer-reviewed journals.

Lab guidelines are below. All researchers in our group should become familiar with this guide and review it annually. Ask questions as they come up. Many of these topics will be relevant to undergraduates in our lab as well.