Wind Turbines


The FLOW Lab is a research laboratory in Brigham Young University’s Mechanical Engineering Department. FLOW stands for our three focus areas: FLight, Optimization, and Wind. FLOW also represents the aerodynamic flows that are prevalent in our applications.

Our research laboratory specializes in multidisciplinary design optimization, aerodynamics, wind energy, aircraft design, aero/structural modeling, and computational methods. Current and past research projects include multidisciplinary aircraft optimization, high fidelity aeroelastic wing design, wind farm layout optimization and uncertainty quantification, wind turbine aero/structural design, vertical-axis wind turbine wake modeling, aircraft formation flight analysis and wake modeling, multifidelity optimization, and tailless aircraft design.

Our lab is also interested in broader applications of design and optimization and is currently collaborating with the BYU Neuromechanics Research Group to understand and predict upper limb tremor behavior.



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