Curated List

Packages on the curated list must meet a minimum lab standard for documentation, testing, and review. Guidelines for package development are available here.


Package Description Maintainer(s)
FLOWPanel Three-dimensional panel code Eduardo Alvarez
FLOWUnsteady Mid/high fidelity aerodynamics with VLM, CCBlade, and a vortex particle method. Also integrates with several acoustic codes. Eduardo Alvarez
FLOWVPM Meshless large eddy simulation using our reformulated vortex particle method. Eduardo Alvarez
VortexLattice A vortex lattice method with both horseshoe vortices and vortex rings. Taylor McDonnell and Andrew Ning
CCBlade A robust blade element momentum method for propellers and wind turbines. Andrew Ning
Xfoil.jl A Julia wrapper to MIT’s Xfoil Taylor McDonnell
FLOWFarm.jl Wind farm aerodynamics and layout optimization Jared Thomas and P.J. Stanley

Optimization and Math

Package Description Maintainer(s)
ImplicitAD Wrapper to make implicit functions compatible with AD without differentiating inside the solvers. Andrew Ning
SNOW A convenient common interface to various optimizers (Snopt and Ipopt) and derivative computation methods for nonlinear, sparse, gradient-based optimization problems. Andrew Ning
Snopt.jl Julia wrapper to Snopt v7 to expose all inputs/outputs/functionality of SnOptA Andrew Ning
FLOWMath A collection of math routines (Brent’s method for root finding, akima spline interpolation, etc.) Andrew Ning and Taylor McDonnell


Package Description Maintainer(s)
GXBeam Geometrically exact beam theory, linear/nonlinear static, eigenvalue, and time marching dynamic analyses for highly flexible (composite) beams. Finite element section analysis for general composite sections with strain recovery. Taylor McDonnell and Andrew Ning
SixDOF A nonlinear six degree of freedom dynamics model, particularly for aircraft Andrew Ning
Mex.jl Allows Julia to be called from Matlab (and embedded Julia to call Matlab).  

Other Code

A full list of open source codes are available on our GitHub organization page in various stages of development:

We have also created or contributed to many tools in the NREL WISDEM organization: