Curated List

Packages on the curated list must meet a minimum lab standard for documentation, testing, and review. Guidelines for package development are available here.


Package Description Maintainer(s)
CCBlade.jl A blade element momentum method for propellers and wind turbines. Andrew Ning

Optimization and Math

Package Description Maintainer(s)
FLOWMath.jl A collection of math routines (Brent’s method for root finding, akima spline interpolation, etc.) Andrew Ning and Taylor McDonnell


Package Description Maintainer(s)
SixDOF.jl A nonlinear six degree of freedom dynamics model, particularly for aircraft Andrew Ning

Other Code

A full list of open source codes are available on our GitHub organization page in various stages of development:

We have also created or contributed to many tools in the NREL WISDEM organization: